Overdue fines payment

According to the currently valid CU Library and Circulations Rules, overdue fines are set at 3 CZK/day for regular, short-term, and study loans and 50 CZK/day for in-house loans. The overdue fine for electronic devices not returned on time (notebook, tablet, e-book reader) is set at 100 CZK/day. 

Patrons can check the status of their user account at any time after logging in with their university data in the UKAŽ discovery service.  

If users have any outstanding fines on their user account, the account will be blocked until all fines are paid. Users with any overdue fines on their account can borrow any books or other documents once the fines are settled. 

For more information on loan services, continue here. 

Cashless bank transfer fines payment [DOMESTIC PAYMENT] 

CU FA library patrons can pay their overdue fines by cashless transfer to our bank account. Deduction of the overdue fine from the user account usually takes 2-3 working days after submitting the payment order. 

Account number 85631011/0100 
Variable Symbol 871001 
Specific Symbol Your Student ID number (below your photograph on the ISIC card) 
Message for recipient First name and surname; name of the library that the fine belongs to  

Or you can use this QR code (do not forget to fill in the required fields): 

There is only one common variable symbol (payment identifier) for every library of the CU FA libraries – 871001. It is necessary to include the name of the library the fine belongs to to facilitate processing the overdue fine payment and unblocking your user account. 

Cashless bank transfer fines payment [INTERNATIONAL PAYMENT] 

IBAN CZ96 0100 0000 0000 8563 1011 
Name and address of the account holder: Univerzita Karlova, Filozofická fakulta,nám. Jana Palacha 2, 116 38 Praha 1 
Name and address of the bank: Komerční banka, Celetná 567/30, 110 00 Praha 1 
Variable symbol (payment purpose/identifier): 871001 

NOTE: Your evidence of payment MUST CONTAIN THE NUMBER 871001 (= variable symbol/payment identifier). If there is no such field in your payment order form, enter “871001” in the text for the recipient and the student’s full name, both legible. 

Overdue fines payment in the libraries (cash) 

It is possible to pay overdue fines in cash only in the following libraries: 

main building (Jan Palach sq. 2) 

Celetná 20 building 

Hybernská 3 building 

New: From 1 January 2020, paying an overdue fine of up to 200 CZK from any CU library in the listed libraries is possible. Fines higher than 200 CZK must still be paid in the libraries where the penalty arose, or use the payment of overdue fines by transfer; see the link below. 

Overdue fines payment in the libraries of other CU faculties 

You can find links to the payment methods in the individual CU faculties in the directions on the CU Central Library website. Continue here