Special needs students

Charles University provides essential support for students and applicants with special needs via the CU Carolina Centre.  This concerns people with Visual impairments, Hearing impairments, Physical impairments, Specific learning disorders, Autism spectrum disorder, or other difficulties (e.g. psychological disorders, impaired communication, or chronic somatic disease). If you fall under any of the above categories, we can offer you a wide range of support services, which you can see listed in this brochure. 

Centrum Carolina provides directly the following services: 

  • digitisation of study materials, 
  • facilitation of study assistance, 
  • lending technical and adaptive aids, 
  • reading room with free printing and copying of study materials, 
  • facilitation of training of orientation skills and independent movement, 
  • training seminars for students with special needs, 
  • counselling and assistance in dealing with individual study matters. 

A study room is also available for students with specific needs, where they can study and work on a PC with special software (ZoomText, Magic, JAWS) and use other technical equipment (iMac). 

Carolina Centre is located at: 

Celetná 20, Prague 1; 1st floor, door no. 132a 


PhDr. Lenka Dobešová, Ph.D 


Tel.: 224 491 507  

Mobile: 777 355 728  

Website: https://centrumcarolina.cuni.cz/CCENG-1.html