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The Library of the Faculty of Arts of Charles University (CU FA Library) is the most extensive and most-used library at Charles University. Our library is not one single library but a whole network of libraries. This network consists of a total of 26 sub-libraries and the Center of Scientific Information (SVI). Each library that makes up the network has its own location within the CU FA buildings. From a formal point of view, the location of the CU FA Library is the same as that of the Centre of Scientific Information (SVI) and the director of the CU FA Library. The same thing applies to opening hours – each library that makes up the CU FA Library has its own opening hours. The director of the CU FA Library and staff at the Centre of Scientific Information (SVI) have set office hours.  

Center of Scientific Information (SVI) 

The Center of Scientific Information of the CU FA is part of the CU FA Library. It provides property and legal registration of library collections and informational resources, methodical support for sub-libraries, descriptive and subject cataloging, administration of the ALMA library system, management of serials and eResources, data collection of CU FA publishing activities, and research support at CU FA.  

Contact information for individual employees and the director of the CU FA Library is available here.  

Access to libraries 

Libraries at CU FA are accessible not only to students and employees of the Faculty but also to the entire academic community of Charles University and the public. Access is conditional on possession of one of the CU-issued cards and registration via electronic application. CU cards can only be obtained at CU Card Service Centres.  


Charles University
Faculty of Arts
Knihovna FF – SVI
nám. J. Palacha 2
116 38 Prague 1

IČO (ID no.: 00216208
DIČ (VAT no.): CZ00216208

If you are sending a package to the Library, please provide either the name and telephone number of the recipient or information that the shipment is intended for the Library.

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