Electronic information resources

EIR: Where to find them?

UKAŽ (ukaz.cuni.cz/en)

UKAŽ (“the central search engine of Charles University from A to Z”) allows you to run searches of printed, digitised, and electronic information resources available at Charles University. The system makes it easy to search for books, articles, magazines, university theses, conference materials, etc., needed for study or scientific work from one place. For more information, see here.  

In addition to searches of information resources, with UKAŽ you can also:  

  • Search print, electronic, and digital information resources available at CU 
  • View and extend your loans 
  • Enter a reservation (request) for a document (on loan / from library depositories) 
  • Save the searched records to Favorites 
  • Export document data to the citation manager or send them to your e-mail 
  • Check the availability of an electronic magazine or book at CU 

Instructions for working with UKAŽ can be found at this link and on the YouTube channel of the CU FA Library (currently available in Czech only). 

eResources Portal – PEZ (eresources.cuni.cz) 

On the eResources Portal (PEZ), you will find an overview of subscribed field-specialised databases sorted alphabetically or by faculties and fields. It is also worth mentioning recommended freely available resources (in the Open Access mode) and trial access to selected databases

How to get from PEZ to licensed resources? 

There are two ways of accessing licensed (i.e., prepaid) resources marked with the symbol of an orange locked lock in PEZ – Direct access and remote access

  • You can use direct access if you are sitting at a computer within the CU computer network (e.g., in faculty libraries, departments, etc.)
  • Remote access will come in handy if you are outside your faculty and Charles University, i.e., at home, in a dormitory, or in a café. For remote access, you need to log in by entering your login name and password. These are the same data you use when working with the Student Information System (SIS).

You won’t need any login or anything else to access Open Access and freely available resources (marked as in PEZ). 

Instructions for working with PEZ can be found at this link and on the YouTube channel of the CU FA Library (currently available in Czech only).

Google Scholar Search Engine (scholar.google.com) 

A very useful addition to university tools for searching EIR can be a publicly accessible universal search engine for scientific literature. Scholar offers a simple and clear environment that you know well from the Google search engine. Many of the resources searched offer a direct link to the full text. In addition, you can link Google Scholar to the catalogs of the libraries you visit. 

Where to find electronic versions of theses? 

The easiest way to access electronic versions of university theses defended at Charles University is through the UKAŽ discovery service (http://ukaz.cuni.cz/en) by clicking on the link in the record of the thesis. You can search for theses in UKAŽ by entering the author, title, or keywords in the search field and filtering the results using the “Theses & Dissertations” filter on the left-hand side. 

If you are looking for theses that have been recently defended, you can also try searching directly in the Charles University Digital Repository (https://dspace.cuni.cz/?locale-attribute=en). 

Need help with EIR? Sign up for a seminar! 

If you need help with how to work with EIR, search for resources, and orient yourself in them, you can sign up for one of the seminars organized by the CU FA Library. At the seminars, you can ask about anything you need help with. Take a look at the offer of EIR seminars here. For now, all our seminars are available only in Czech.

Do you have more questions about electronic resources? Please read the FAQ, and if you don’t find the answer to your question, don’t hesitate to contact us at eiz@ff.cuni.cz!