Centre of Scientific Information (SVI)


  • Property and legal evidence of library collections and information resources of CU FA
  • Methodological support for departmental libraries of CU FA
  • Descriptive and subject cataloging
  • Administration of the automated library system (LMS – library management system)
  • Management of journal collections
  • Administration of electronic information resources
  • Administration of CU FA academic publishing data.
  • Support for science and research at CU FA

Office hours

Tuesday9 am – 12 pm
Wednesday2 pm – 5 pm
Thursday2 pm – 4 pm

FA Library Director

PhDr. Kamila Věšínová, PhD.

klic FA Library Director

mail kamila.vesinova@ff.cuni.cz

phone  221 619 239

SVI Staff

Workplace: nám. Jana Palacha 2, door no. S124

Mgr. Gabriela Špetová

klic Contact person for general information about SVI

Please, call if you do not know who to contact or when the contacted person is unavailable.

phone  221 619 284

Mgr. Helena

klic E-learning support (Moodle, Turnitin, MS Teams, Zoom), website and social network management

mail   helena.filipova2@ff.cuni.cz

phone   221 619 282

Mgr. Alena Svobodová

klic   Acquisition

mail   alena.svobodova@ff.cuni.cz

phone   221 619 283

Robin Kislinger

klic   Acquisition, cataloging

mail  robin.kislinger@ff.cuni.cz

phone   221 619 240

Filip Jaroš

klic   Library collection review

mail  filip.jaros@ff.cuni.cz

phone   221 619 248

Mgr. Michaela

klic   Purchase, register, processing of electronic information resources (EIR); information training

mail   michaela.malkova@ff.cuni.cz

phone   221 619 302

Mgr. Eva

klic   Cataloging

mail   eva.nitschova@ff.cuni.cz

Bc. Karolína Padělková

klic   Promotion of services; website and social network management

mail   karolina.padelkova@ff.cuni.cz

Bc. Anna Eleonora Pšánská Krejzová

klic   Interlibrary and International Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

mail   anna.krejzova@ff.cuni.cz

phone   221 619 270

Bc. Petra

klic   Research support, Open Access; Coordination of Turnitin system, Deputy of OBD faculty administrator

mail   petra.steinbergerova@ff.cuni.cz

phone   221 619 384

Mgr. Zuzana

klic   Descriptive and subject cataloging, acquisition (Core)

mail   zuzana.sindlerova@ff.cuni.cz

phone   221 619 303

Workplace: Celetná 20, door no. 305


klic   OBD faculty administrator; RIV; RUV

mail   iva.kalendovska@ff.cuni.cz

phone   221 619 689

Mgr. Jakub

klic   Descriptive and subject cataloging

mail   jakub.rumpl@ff.cuni.cz

Note: door no. 242

Pavlína Chocová

klic   Administration of the library system ALMA

mail  pavlina.chocova@ff.cuni.cz

phone   221 619 689