Personal identifiers 

If you are an academic or scientific worker (i.e., excluding technical-operative and administrative staff), a doctoral student, or another publishing member of the academic community, we recommend that you create your so-called personal identifiers. Their registration, i.e., the method and circumstances of the registration, is enshrined in the Rector’s Measure No. 26/2023 (available only in Czech) on the Registration of Creative Activities at Charles University. 

Setting up personal identifiers will help you in several ways. Sooner or later, you may come across an author with the same name as yours, or as a result of transferring records between database systems, yours will be listed with typos. Personal identifiers– unique accounts leading to your author’s identity – were created to remove these barriers. These will serve you in the future, for example, when searching for citations (whether for the habilitation procedure or other purposes), for your presentation, for applying for grants or trips abroad, or as public proof of your publishing activities

Instructions for creating personal identifiers (all available only in Czech)