RUV (Register of Artistic Outputs) 

Records with column D (Code according to the guarantor) filled in have been sent for certification and will be evaluated. For records that cannot be sent for certification (column D filled in “—”), column E shows the reason why the guarantor excluded the record. 

The Working Committee of the Council of Higher Education Institutions for Art Schools and Faculties and the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic created a register for the results of creative artistic activities and a methodology for evaluating outputs. 

 Creative outputs can be created by teachers and possibly by students of public universities in the Czech Republic. The condition is that it must be a teacher or student of an art college, art faculty, or (non-artistic) faculty with art objects. 

 The outputs are sorted into seven segments (Architecture, Audiovision, Design, Music, Literature, Performing Arts, Fine Arts according to three categories.) 

RUV informationsegments 

Contact Person: Iva Kalendovská