A cut-out from the front page of the music magazine Dalibor. (No. 24/25, Vol. III., 1881), which we digitized in July 2015.
The CU FA Library participates in the following ongoing digitization projects:
 Characteristics of the project 
CU Digital Library (Kramerius)The multidisciplinary digital library Kramerius provides access to the digital collections of Charles University: books, maps, and other materials.
National Digital Library DNNTThe National Digital Library DNNT (Works Unavailable on the Market) provides access to digitized documents (books, magazines, newspapers, etc.) published in the Czech Republic before 1989, as well as newer works that are not available on the market and/or are no longer under copyright protection. 
Study literature (ePrezenčka – electronic in-house loan)Digitization and access to the most frequently borrowed and poorly accessible titles from the collections of libraries at the Faculty of Arts. More information

Are you looking for more information about the digitization projects of the CU FA Library? Do you have a tip for documents you want to digitize and make available electronically? 

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