Department of Germanic Studies Library

About the Library

The Department of Germanic Studies Library is located on the third floor of the CU FA building on Jan Palach Square. On the library’s ground floor, there is a study room with several places for studying, two computers, a terminal for searching in the UKAŽ discovery service and a multifunctional device for printing, copying and scanning.

In addition to the study room, it has a depository where the largest part of the library collection is stored. Other books are located in the corridor in cupboards, teachers’ offices, and the auditoriums; part of the collection is in the Jenštejn and Krystal depositories.

The library collection contains several interesting book collections that the library received as a gift or that remained in the library from the pre-war, interwar and wartime periods. One of these collections is from the private specialised library of Professor Richard Brinkmann, who worked at the University of Tübingen, and it was donated to the library after 2002. Another collection of books is the heritage of Professor Jaromír Povejšil, which was donated to the library by his wife, Jaroslava Dienstbierová, in 2012. The last interesting, unique and rare part of the collection is a set of diploma and dissertation theses from the former German University in Prague.

You can find more information about the library on the Department’s website.

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Useful Information
Addressnám. J. Palacha 2, 116 38 Prague 1, 3rd floor, door no. 323
Opening hoursSee Opening hours page
Overdue fines paymentNO
Phone+420 221 619 246
LibrariansMgr. Markéta Malcová
Mgr. Karolína Bučková
Mgr. Martina Doležalová